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Reverse Engineering - sparrow_lately - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

Nope I’m not crying not at all

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Incase some of you didn’t notice, Dean cut that vamps head off with the blunt side of the knife

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This show uses bitch in the most unnecessary way and throws it around more then I say fuck

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"Look at me, bitch"


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Dean your mark of Cain is kind of showing

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Sometimes I just picture a Supernatural AU where everything’s the same but Dean Winchester has a deep southern accent. 

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one day i will be old as balls and someone will ask me what’s the one thing i remember about 2014. and i will stare at him with a look of horror and whisper: “sebastian stan”

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les questions


would you guys mind taking this mini survey? it’s really quick <3

this is for my attempt at making a thank you gift btw

so it’d be nice if you voted for something more complex and entertaining?

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les questions

would you guys mind taking this mini survey? it’s really quick <3

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his blue box.

follow? c:

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Happy Earth Day!

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… So everyone at my school agrees that Bucky is ugly

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Tell me about dark!dean bc I'm uneducated I want to know

dark!dean is basically evil dean

it’s kinda like Bucky; the winter soldier was dark!bucky

so our usually kind and good character turns a bit evil

and in deans case it’s the mark of Cain :’)

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