Hey Jude..

Castiel sighed angrily. “I need the pie.”

"Sir, we don’t have any. But you can get the ingredients and make one yourself, if you want. Homemade always tastes best." The cashier suggested, fear tinting his voice.

Cas narrowed his eyes at him. “Show me those ingredients.”


Thing is, Cas does not know how to use Google properly. So instead of googling how to properly make pie, he decided to go on instincts. After all, he did have the ingredients, and that was all he needed, right?

He started with the sugar. Dean liked sugar. Grabbing a cup, he filled it up four times and poured it into the bowl. Next was butter. Dean didnt like butter; said it was too greasy. He cut out a 3 mm wide piece of butter and added it to the sugar.

Flour, oil, eggs and other ingredients like baking powder went along the same way. When he had them all in the bowl, he smiled and began mixing it—-with his hands—-until it looked something like dough. Really thick dough.

Satisfied with himself, he grabbed it and put it in a pan—- after adding cherry on to it, that is—-and placed it in the oven.

Dean came home soon. “It smells like something is burning.”

Castiel beamed (why?) “I was making you pie! It’s been in the oven for an hour and a half. Do you think that’s enough?”

Dean’s eyes widened. It would be so burnt. “I guess. Let’s check it out.” He opened the oven, taking out an almost black “pie”.

Cas looked so happy and proud of himself. Dean smiled and, grabbing the fork, took a bite of it.

Maybe it took him an hour to chew. Maybe it burnt his tongue. Maybe it tasted like burnt sugar. Maybe it was the worst feeling he ever had in his mouth.

But it was worth Cas’ smile.

Posted on Jun 10, 2013 · 10:28

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